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About Music Industry Entryway

Music Industry Entryway was created as a space where aspiring and current music industry professionals can come together, network and support each other. We provide a list of helpful resources that are offered to music industry professionals. We hope to be a place where anyone in the music industry can come to and find everything they need to help them on their journey in the music industry.

About Shelby


A recent graduate from Florida Gulf Coast University with a B.A. in Communications and PR, Shelby sought to divulge her passion for music in a platform that bridged the gap between like minded music industry professionals and those, like Shelby, searching for a spot in the competitive world of music. She created “Music Industry Entryway” to

stand as a free form network of ideas and conversations that intends to combat the lack of platforms dedicated to navigating the tumultuous job search associated with the music Industry, especially during this pandemic. Shelby hopes that this platform will be institutional in forging a path to increased professional opportunities, music exposure and literacy.

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